Friday, 29 June 2012

Review - Tractivity

I was really excited when I got my Tractivity in the mail. I am the kind of person who needs visual motivation and goals. A pedometer is nice for counting steps and distance when you are walking or running, but it's not always convenient and I will often forget it. Plus it's hard to get it accurate!

What came in my Premium kit.

The Tractivity tracks all your activity, walking, running, hiking, etc. It counts calories burned, steps taken, your distance, and your time, plus the insoles are very comfortable and provide nice support.

Here's what was included in my premium kit:
  • Tractivity Insoles
  • Tractivity Lace Holder
  • Tractivity Sensor
  • Tractivity USB Stick
  • Tractivity Waist Measuring Tape
You can put your sensor inside your soles, or in the lace holder.

First I created my account by going to It was very easy and within minutes I had the program installed and ready to go. After you have installed the program, you can click on the icon to open the program and search for your sensor.

Click to enlarge!
Once the transfer is complete when you click 'Take me to my Account' it will open your account in a new browser. From there you can track your activities. There is an Achievements tab (shown below), an Activity tab which tracks your day to day distance, steps, time and calories, a Wellness tab where you can track your measurements and an Experts Corner tab where you can find helpful blog posts.

Achievements Tab - A quick run to the post office.

If you would like to improve your health by walking more, enter of the form below to win your very own Tractivity! 3 lucky readers will win an Essntial Bundle! Make sure you 'Like' their Facebook page here!!

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*I was sent a Tractivity in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Wow, this is awesome! And you've got very clear cut instructions on how to use it, thank you. I really like this review :)

  2. I like walking. This seems like good motivation.

  3. I have been looking for something like this, wow thank you for sharing. :)

  4. I love stregnth training... cardio i ALWAYS dread.

  5. I've never seen something like this. Really like it! I hate those bulky other counters.

  6. Oh I need to walk more..thanks for this introduction of this brand.

    Still Dating My Spouse

  7. What a neat invention! I might need to get some of these :)

  8. I really like swimming, but it's hard to do with toddlers. Walking is easiest. My Wii Fit is fun too.

  9. I like doing yoga because wearing closed-toe shoes is very painful at the moment. I used to love walking, though! My husband would LOVE the Tractivity.

  10. i clean house by dancing and moving way more than necessary...we walk whenever we can, i like to jog also. but the snakes have been out, so that's not going to happen for a few weeks...