Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Whitening Lightning Review

Everyone wants whiter teeth. Everyday we see lots of products to help us achieve just that, from toothpastes, to mouth wash, to expensive procedures and other gadgets.

My boyfriend and I were able to try out some whitening pens from Whitening Lightning. He used the Zero White Whitening Pen and I used the Super Booster Whitening pens. For 7 straight nights, after brushing we applied a layer and let it dry, then went to bed. In the mornings we it brushed off. After 7 days we see a great improvement, I am very impressed! We will definitely be using it for an additional 7 days, this is a easy way to whiten your teeth without a lot of hassle.

I was also given 3 lip glosses to try out. These lip glosses are unique for the simple fact that they light up. Ever have to apply your lip gloss in a restaurant or club? Or in a dark room? They also have a mirror on the side. They apply nicely, aren't sticky and are in gorgeous colors.

Lighted Lipgloss!

From left to right, Jewel, Crystal, and Icicle.

You can use the code 'SHOE70' for 70% of your entire order!!
*I was sent product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Love that the lip glosses light up.

  2. The light is a great idea. The colors are really pretty!