Friday, 13 July 2012

Looky what I found...

So as you may know, my shopping diet ended. So to celebrate I went to the mall and I want to share a few of the awesome deals I scored! Starting with these awesome neon bags.

I LOVE neon. There was a neon blue one I almost bought too but I thought that 3 of the same bag MIGHT be a bit too much ;) I had saw these a few weeks ago, when they were the full price, $39.99. When we went yesterday they were half price PLUS there was a buy one get one for 50%! I bought both these bags for $35!!

Next we have some shoes, of course. Again they are neon! This time I needed some orange.

The wedges were $10 and the flats were $5, I also bought a pair with black tips. They only had the orange and black left in my size or I would have grabbed a couple more. I might go back and see if I can find some wedges in other colors, I think there may have been pink too.

And finally, my favorite find and of all places I found it at WalMart for just $9 on clearance!

I love it! It fits like a glove too. I can't wait for cooler weather so I can wear it with some skinny jeans and some fierce boots, or even with a maxi dress!


  1. what store where the bags from?

    1. A kiosk in the mall, I think it was called 'Unic'

  2. Awesome finds! Those wedges are so high! I would kill myself lol.