Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Broken Nail DIY

My nails are really brittle and they break easily. I will grow them out until they are a decent length and then boom, one by one they break and I have to cut cut them all down. I try really hard to take care of them, I have tried every strengthener polish and treatment I have ever heard of.

Today, I found that both of my pointer finger nails have started to break and I remember a tutorial I had found online to fix broken nails. Now, I googled it and founds TONS of tutorials on this, so chance are many of you have already saw this, but hopefully this helps a few of you!

Here's what I used!

Scissors, Tea Bag, Nail Glue, Tweezers, Cuticle stick.
I also used nail polish remover, not pictured!

First, clean your nail with nail polish remover! This will help the tea bag stick. Then cut a piece of tea bag, some people cut out enough to cover your whole nail, some only a piece. I just did a piece. Then put some nail glue on your nail, and using the tweezers place the piece of tea bag over the tear in your nail.

Once I had the piece of tea bag secure, I left it for a minute and then added a layer of glue on top. I used the cuticle stick to flattened it out and took out all the bubbles so it was nice and flat. Finally, you can use a nail buffer/nail file to file down the tea bag. I forgot to do this part... oops.

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