Monday, 27 August 2012

Dying the Tips of your Hair!

I have been dying my hair funky colors for years, either the under layers of my hair or my whole head. I was able to try out some Splat hair dye and decided on dying my tips.

It was A LOT easier then I thought it would be, first I separated my hair into 4 pigtails, two on each side of my head. I bleached the tips first so the dye would last longer, then once you have rinsed out the bleach and your hair is dry you can begin applying the color. 

Hold the end of the pigtail in your hand and apply some dye and rub it in thoroughly, so you get each strand of hair saturated! I left the dye in my hair for about an hour. When your time is up, rinse your hair until you don't see any more color in the water.

My 'lil Pigtails!

The finished product!!

I used the color Luscious Raspberries, and will be using Pink Fetish once this is all rinsed out. I am VERY happy with how my hair turned out! There are some things you need to know though! If you are applying the dye close to your skin you need to put petroleum jelly where it might touch your skin because it WILL dye your skin too! Make sure you use OLD towels and clothes! See my white shirt above? That is stained like that! I used an old shirt I could throw out when I was done. You will want to use an OLD towel once you rinse the dye out because your hair might still stain things when it's wet! And just be careful, when my sister dyes her hair the dye ends up EVERYWHERE! You don't want that!

*I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated above are 100% my own.*


  1. I have black hair, so it's super hard to dye mine. :(

  2. your hair turned out amazing Jessica! I LOVE it, but I think I am too chicken to do it myself :/

  3. That looks awesome :) love the way the red looks in your hair!

  4. So much more daring than I am :) Looks cute!!

  5. That's awesome! I bet something like that would be neat on my short little hair. (even though I HATE the cut, I am thinking that I could make it cute with some color!)