Thursday, 30 August 2012

Today I started the Body By Vi Challenge!

I was SO excited yesterday when I received my Body By Vi shakemix! I couldn't wait until this morning so I could try them.  I am at 154lbs exactly today.

This morning I opted to drink the shake mix plain, with 1 cup of skim milk and I was surprised because it was GOOD. It tastes delicious, making me think its too good to be a weight loss shake! I am so excited to see what I weigh one week from now. I'm going to mix in a packet of the chocolate flavor for lunch. Is it ridiculous that I'm excited to try that too? And tomorrow morning I'm going to have some strawberries blended in it!

I bought the 'Shape Kit' for $99 and it has enough for 60 shakes. It works out to $1.67 per shake or $3.34 per day if you are drinking two shakes a day, like I am! This is an excellent option for me! I usually eat Tim Hortons for breakfast and that's AT LEAST $2.50! I am getting more for my money and getting healthy too now! I am terrible when it comes to healthy choices so shakes are a great alternative for me!

When you sign up for the challenge there are contests you can enter to, you can enter as a couple or family or just by yourself. I don't know much about it but there seems to be a lot in prizes! For someone very dedicated that would be really fun!

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