Sunday, 26 August 2012

You know those people who leave their dogs in the car...

The other day my mother, brother and I were at Walmart, while walking towards the door we found this  note in the parking lot:

I kind of cut off the bottom while taking the picture in a rush but it says; 'I've reported you to the police for leaving your dog in your car.'

I have mentioned a few times before we have 5 dogs and my sister has one too. We are HUGE dog lovers and animal lovers in general. We take amazing care of our dogs, as I'm sure most people do! Our dogs are all spayed/neutered, they are all up to date on their vaccines, they are put outside to do their business and brought right back in when they are finished, they are not left untied to roam the streets or village, our dogs are our family and as such they are treated with the best care we can give them.

I cannot stand it when I go to the store/mall/whatever and I see a dog in the car.

  • 'My dogs love the car.' - Really? Do you think they like when they are baking in the hot sun?
  • 'I love my dogs soooo much I want to take them with me.' - If you love your dogs, leave them home where it is cool and they have water to cool themselves down.
  • 'I'm only running in for a few minutes.' - What happens if you get side tracked? I know I have gone into Walmart or the grocery store and have ended up taking much longer then I had anticipated. BESIDES. It can take as little as 10 minutes for your dog to die or suffer serious heatstroke.
  • 'I left the windows rolled down a bit.' - So? How much of a breeze do you think that will give them? Even with the windows cracked, the temperatures are unbearable.

The fact is, cars can get as hot as 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees celcius). In 20minutes your dog could die, or be seriously injured. Would YOU want to stay in a hot car with the windows cracked while someone walked around in an air condition building? Please. Leave your dogs at home, they don't need to go shopping!!


  1. Good to know! I always see people leave their dogs in the car and have never thought twice about it, seems pretty normal to me :) I am not a dog person, but just in case now I know!

  2. It's good to see people doing the right thing to protect animals.