Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Corn maze!

Over the weekend my mother, brother, sister and I went to the Corn Maze near our house. It's been open a couple years now and we have always wanted to go! We finally did, and it was pretty cool! We should have brought water though, within the first 20minutes we were wishing we had!


So many paths to choose!

"Okay, let's go this way!"

Zac getting the Dracula 'rub on'.

There were 9 different 'rub' stations where you rub a crayon to get all the different 'monsters' on your page! There were also 9 stations that would give you answers to a puzzle!

My sister Becky getting the answers to the puzzle!

Getting tired now.

There were 2 different platforms you could stand over, this was the view:

Finally, the exit!

We spent 3hours in the maze, at first we were just walking around aimlessly, then we started looking for the different stations. We found all but 1 and I'm sure we spent most of our time looking for it, I have the best sense of direction out of the 4 of us so I was on map duty, but we never found it! We were all tired and hungry by the time we were finished!


  1. Corn mazes are a great way to wear out the kids. The problem is they wear out the adults as well! After 3 hours I probably would have been cranky lol.

  2. cool beans love mazes, one hint I learned pick one hand, I like the left hand path, keep your hand on a wall and follow it. always choosing to go in the same direction. (Don't tell the kids. let them run on ahead and get lost while you and hubby have a glass of wine on the picnic blanket.

  3. What a cool addition to have the stations and the steps so you could see where you are! 3 hours!?!? wow! that's something you won't forget! lol