Saturday, 1 September 2012

Goodbye Shoedazzle

I knew this day was coming for a couple months, but now I must make it official... No more dreaming about my next pair.

Shoedazzle, you started my shoe obsession, you shaped my closet and now you have (thankfully) ended my shoe obsession. With 100+ pairs, I don't need any more anyways.

There has been significant price increases on both the shoes, as well as shipping to Canada. For example, I bought Gallop last year, for a total of $50. Now if I wanted a second pair it would be $60. Sure, 10 dollars doesn't seem like much, and I am sure you have your 'reasons' but an extra $10 per shoe, on top of customs charges definitely is not worth it.

So Shoedazzle, I bid you goodbye, it's been fun, it's been frustrating, but in the end my shoe collection thanks you.


  1. I def don't blame you Jessica! You are making the right choice, I cannot tell when was the last time I have ordered a shoe from them.

  2. Wow, 100 pairs of shoes! And I thought I had a lot! haha

  3. I don't have a shoe collection, but would love one with 100 pairs in it!!! <3 haha

  4. 100+ pairs!?!? That's amazing , nuts, and cool too. lol But good for you in knowing when to stop :-)

  5. yeah, i have seen their ads on the internet. they have lots of cute shoes, and in all colors. i have a lot of shoes from different places. i even wrote an online article called, Shoes Are A Girl's Best Friend, because many women can't get enough of them.