Thursday, 13 September 2012

Quick Craft - Blog Ease Blogathon Day 3

My 'quick craft' is knitted dishclothes. I am not very 'quick' at these right now, but my mom can knit one dish clothe in under 1 hour. So with (a lot) of practice these could be a quick craft, and knitting is very relaxing! My mother has donated them for fundraisers at school and tae kwon do and gives them out for Christmas, birthdays, or whatever and people LOVE them!

My mom's work!
 You can google 'knitted dishclothe pattern' if you would like to learn how to make these!

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  1. I tried to learn to knit last winter. Ummmm... it didn't go so well lol.... But this is a cool idea for a quick gift if you are good at knitting!

  2. I tried to learn a few years ago and gave up :-( I wish I had someone to show me how to do this, I would love to make washcloths and more.

  3. Hey Hun I nominated you for the liebster award! Check more details here: