Monday, 17 September 2012


It might sound silly but slippers are a big thing in my household. I'm sure everyone has at least three pairs. There is nothing worse then waking up in the winter and running around in bare feet or even sock feet! Every Christmas, everyone in my family gets a new pair of slippers. It's not always easy to get kids to wear plain 'ol slippers, we are constantly telling Zac to find some slippers to wear! So let me show you 'Slipper Monsters'!

The above pictures show the adorable 'Wilbur Wolf' slippers we received. They are warm and comfy and so cute, Zac doesn't want to take them off! They have a sturdy outer sole to ensure your slippers last! Monster Slippers have lots of sizes and styles for the whole family, from silly slippers, like claws and some that even make noise, to cute animals and even some fashionable choices!

*I was sent product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Oh my goodness! They're awesome! And I bet they're reallly warm! Good, since fall is coming up and it's already been cool out here.

  2. Very very cute :) I need new slippers, I'll be checking them out, thank you!!

  3. Those are really cute! and they look super comfy too!

  4. I love slippers. It's great that these have good soles. It can be hard to find slippers that are both cute and sturdy.