Friday, 28 September 2012

Who doesn't love Walmart?!

I love going to Walmart, everything you need in one store and unbeatable prices! Every time I visit Walmart I end up with a lot more then I intended! This visit was to pick up a pair of work shoes for my Mom. She likes the Tredsafe and can only find them at Walmart!

Of course the first section we headed for was the food section. We found a few bargains we could not pass up! Canned fruit and Crispy Minis for just $1! We grabbed some fruit and a bag of BBQ crispy minis, they are my brother's favourite!

Every time we go to Walmart I have to pick up some Nestle Pure Life water. It is my absolute favorite, my family thinks I'm crazy because this is all I want to drink! I was so excited to find that it was on rollback!

Right beside the food we found the cleaning aisle, and on the end there were these adorable air fresheners from Renuzit. They were just $1 and are Halloween themed, I had to slip one in the cart!

Okay, we are almost at the shoe section now... But of course we had to stop at the craft section. I found these candy eye balls, I can't wait to make something with them! My brother will think they are so cool!

Of course we can't go to Walmart without getting some yarn for my Mom to knit more dishclothes... She is giving them out for Christmas and for fundraisers! The colors are just so pretty, aren't they?!

So as usual, we ended up with a bit more then intended, all in all it was a successful trip if I do say so myself!

My mom was finished her dishclothes within a couple hours of getting home! She's a very fast knitter!

This is what I did with the eyes. Just a simple shortbread cookie with food coloring mixed in, then added the eyes and the candy beads off of a candy necklace!

I hope you enjoyed my Walmart trip! It was a very successful, if I do say so myself! Lots of great deals. Another great thing is that there were no big lines and it wasn't too crowded! That's one big reason why I prefer shopping here compared to malls!

You can view my Google+ Album Here! What have been our best Walmart buys?


  1. Those are the cutest cookies Ive ever seen! lol Thanks for sharing this... love it!

  2. Love the dish cloths too! What a fun shopping trip. And I'm like you, I always end up with a few more things than I plan!

  3. Great job making those cookie!!! And you got such great deals at Walmart! NICE!

  4. Eyeball candy! Hahaha!


  5. I've never seen eyeball candy before! Your mom is very talented. Your Walmart has some great sales!

  6. I miss going to walk-mart! We moved and they are all too far away now :-(

  7. Love the dishcloths especially the yellow,orange, and white one.

  8. I love those cookies. I bet they were YUMMY.