Friday, 12 October 2012

How safe if your child's 'drop off zone' at school?

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I must say I was not in the least bit surprised while reading through the Insurance Hunter’s survey on driver safety in school zones. I have walked Zac to and from school almost everyday for the past 5 years and I have seen most, if not all of the things said in this survey. I have seen parents with their cell phones out and texting, and even earlier this year there was an accident because of this! I have seen parents have complete disregard for the appropriate way to drop-off and pick-up their children, even after having been told multiple times, and of course as a walker I can't count how many times we have waited at a cross walk while cars speed by, or even speed up so they don't have to stop!


80% of people who responded to this survey reported that they have witnessed someone violate the laws in school zones. 74% of respondents have witnessed someone speeding, 68% of them reported that they have seen someone on a cell phone, 37% have witnessed someone not stopping at a crosswalk, 20% have witnessed someone not stopping for a crossing guard, and 19% reported seeing someone run a red light. This type of behaviour is dangerous! You may think it's okay to pull over real quick when you are in a hurry but you may be putting someone's life at risk!


Of course all the blame is not on the parents or guardians, Ontario School Zone Safety Survey reported that 38% of people have never been told by their child's school where the safe drop-off or pick-up zone is, and 25% said their child's school doesn't even have a designated drop-off or pick-up area. Maybe it's time for us to speak up to ensure everyone is safe getting to, and leaving school.


I highly suggest you check out this very informative and eye opening report by Insurance Hunter auto insurance. If you are guilty of any of the things described in this report I hope you have learned something from this post! Not only are you endangering the lives of other kids when you don't pay attention or follow the rules and guidelines, but possibly your own as well.

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