Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Perl Nail Fashion Strips Review

I was so excited to try out Perl's nail fashion strips. I have always wanted to try them out but was worried it would be too difficult or they wouldn't fit my fingers correctly. I received 5 different styles, and tried on the 'Translucent Cotton Candy' first.

how cute is that nail file?!

I picked out the pieces that fit on my fingers and laid them out accordingly so it would be easier to know which piece went on which finger. Then you just peel off the plastic and apply it to your nail, I was worried about doing my left hand, but it was really easy. Once the piece is on and flat on your nail 'fold' it under your nail and use the adorable nail file to file off the access. 

It was super easy and took no time at all - it's a lot quicker then nail polish and the effect is really cool and unique. I'm going to pick up a few packs for stocking stuffers!

*I was sent product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions stated above are 100% of own.*


  1. I can not paint my nails at all. I have big issues staying in between the lines. These would definitely work for me.

  2. Your nails look really cool! Think about how hard that would be to paint them like that!


  3. You nails look awesome! I have been wanting to try these strips and now I need to try them :)

  4. I have always wondered about these, look so easy and cute! Great lil' gift, thnks for sharing :)

  5. I have yet to be able to try these and really want to ! So cute

  6. Those are so cute!!! I miss being able to do my nails; I'm a cook, so I don't get to do them often. These look great on you, too!!

  7. This might be cool as a gift, but I just don't do my nails, lol

  8. I love the way those look. I like having painted nails, but it takes so long. I need to try these.