Friday, 30 November 2012

The future of my blog and ME!

Not sure how to start this so I'm just going to jump right in!

I created this blog about a year and a half ago. I started it because I loved shoes, fashion, and fitness! I had no idea it would grow so much and give me the opportunities I have had, and allow me to meet the awesome people I have met!

Within the last five months, my blog has turn into a review blog. Which IS NOT a bad thing of course! I love reviewing new items and products and sharing them, and my opinions on them, with my readers! But my blog is at least 75% reviews, and that's just not what I want to do here! I don't want to stop reviewing of course, but I would like to come up with a schedule of sorts so I can keep a bit of ME in my blog.

Meatless Mondays - Exactly how it sounds. I will explain this further on Monday.
Rant Tuesday - Things make me mad sometimes!
Wishlist Wednesday - I want to bring this back... I really enjoyed sharing my wishlists!
Review Thursdays - Self explanatory!
Frugal Friday - Sharing my best buys of the week, or sales, or whatever!

This is subject to change and I will also be adding in 'fitness' or 'healthy living' posts here and there. I will also sprinkle in random blog posts here and there of course, recipes, crafts, monthly favourites  shoe clubs, etc! I'm talking to my brother Zac about doing a 'Kidz Corner' and he is really excited about that! I have some big meaningful ideas that I want to get out on paper!

What do you think and what would you like to see more of on my blog?

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  1. Blogs are definitely a living breathing thing! They change, evolve, grow and morph on a regular basis. What works today may suffocate you next month. Do what works best for you, because that's when we will enjoy your blog the most! Can't wait to see what you do with your next phase! :-)