Wednesday, 2 January 2013

101 Goals in 1001 Days. #dayzero

This year instead of picking a few big resolutions, I decided to do the Day Zero Challenge, which is 101 Goals finished in 1001 days. 

I heard about this challenge from Dawn at Cheap is the New Classy and I was instantly excited. I love making lists and crossing off things, it just makes me feel productive! I can't wait to make 2013 a productive year.

My goals range from relatively short and easy, like read a book in 1 day, or go to the zoo, to goals that will take almost all of the 1001 days to complete, like get my Blue belt in TaeKwon Do. 
Here is my complete list:

  1. Read 10 Books from Authors in 10 Different Countries 
  2. Read 50 books in a year 
  3. Exercise six days a week for a month 
  4. Update my blog at least three times a week 
  5. Learn to play the guitar 
  6. Donate money to charity 
  7. Donate old clothes to charity 
  8. Buy a good pair of running shoes 
  9. Buy a pair of designer shoes 
  10. Run a 5k 
  11. Write a short story 
  12. Don't complain about anything for a week 
  13. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor 
  14. Buy a Wreck This Journal and finish it 
  15. No fast food for a month 
  16. Go ice skating 
  17. Go to the zoo 
  18. Improve my posture 
  19. Identify 100 things that make me happy 
  20. See a drive-in movie 
  21. Bake cupcakes 
  22. Make a custom recipe book 
  23. Read all the books currently on my shelf 
  24. Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet 
  25. Ride my bike for 7 days 
  26. Make at least 10 recipes that I've pinned on Pinterest 
  27. Cook 5 meals from 5 different countries 
  28. Save $500 in an emergency fund 
  29. Document my music taste for 3months 
  30. Learn to write my name in Korean 
  31. Complete a 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge 
  32. Complete a 100 Pushups Challenge 
  33. Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 minutes of physical activity for 30 days) 
  34. Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge 
  35. Read my height in books 
  36. Complete 7 goals in a week 
  37. Make a list of 100 interesting English words 
  38. Read a book in a day 
  39. Keep a “My Day in Six Words” journal for 3 months 
  40. Throw away all my underwear and start again 
  41. Re-decorate my room 
  42. Read 10 books in 1month 
  43. Reach 1k Pinterest Followers 
  44. Reach 8k Twitter Followers 
  45. Reach 10k Facebook fans 
  46. Alexa Score under 100k 
  47. 10 Pushups a day for 30days 
  48. 10 Crunches a day for 30days 
  49. 25 Pushups a day for 30days 
  50. 25 Crunches a day for 30days 
  51. 10 Squats a day for 30days 
  52. 25 Squats a day for 30days 
  53. Learn to Knit Hats for Babies 
  54. Learn to Knit Blankets for Babies 
  55. Knit 5 Hats to Donate 
  56. Knit 10 Squares to Donate
  57. Wear Skirts for 7 Days 
  58. Travel 30 Miles in 30days 
  59. Travel 60 Miles in 30days 
  60. Travel 100 Miles in 30days 
  61. Don't swear for a week 
  62. Don't shop for Myself for 30days 
  63. Eat 5 Fruits&Veggies a day for 7days 
  64. Eat 5 Fruits&Veggies a day for 30days 
  65. Complete 1month of NaBloPoMo 
  66. Complete 3months of NaBloPoMo 
  67. Complete 6months of NaBloPoMo 
  68. Dye my Hair Red 
  69. Start a Quilt 
  70. Lose 5 lbs in 1month 
  71. Lose 10lbs Total 
  72. Reach Goal Weight 
  73. Get my Blue Belt in TKD 
  74. Write 50 things you might not know about me 
  75. Start a Herb Garden 
  76. Write a message in a public bathroom 
  77. Bake 5 Things in 1day 
  78. Read a Book starting with each letter of the Alphabet 
  79. Learn how to do a french braid 
  80. Buy a designer bag 
  81. Buy and wear a bikini 
  82. Inspire someone to make a Day Zero List 
  83. Sort out my wardrobe and donate any old clothes 
  84. Spend a romantic night in a hotel for no reason 
  85. Get in the best shape of my life 
  86. Be able to do the splits 
  87. Start collecting something 
  88. Go for a walk every day for a month 
  89. Buy a cheap thrift store guitar and learn to play one song 
  90. Make myself a dress 
  91. Read Catcher in the Rye 
  92. Whiten my teeth 
  93. Complete a 'Walk To Mordor' challenge 
  94. Take a free online class 
  95. Stop drinking soda for 30days
  96. Make a list of the 100 songs I could listen to forever 
  97. Wear a different outfit every day for 30 days 
  98. Learn to make cheesecake 
  99. Develop a better skin care routine
  100. Give up caffeine for 30days 

I have until September 28th 2015 according to the site, but I am going to aim for September 30th 2013!

Some things will complete themselves in time, others will take effort to make sure they get done on time! Here are some of the challenges I will be actively working on this month:
  • 10 pushups, crunches and squats for 30 days. (This is 3 separate goals)
  • Read 10 Books in 1Month.
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies for 7 days in a row.
  • Complete an entire month of NaBloPoMo.
  • No pop/soda for 30days.
I'll be updating you guys weekly/monthly here on my blog! Sound like fun? Head on over to Day Zero Challenge and sign up and start creating your list. If you do please let me know in the comments and tell me what goal you are most excited about completing!

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  1. That's a great list! I would love to make a list like this. I think I will!