Saturday, 3 August 2013

How safe are our roads?

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It's time to stop distracted drivers!!

Did you know that 8 out of 10 accidents are a result of a distracted driver? From texting, to programming your gps, or talking on the phone, when people are driving, the road should be their focus!

You can set your gps before you leave home, and for goodness sake put away your phone! How many times have you seen someone playing with their phone while on the road? I am sure that text asking what you want for dinner can wait until you get to your destination!

I myself have been in a couple very minor fender benders due to the offending driver being distracted. While stopped at a stop sign we were bumped lightly because the woman behind us wasn't paying attention, and another time while we were backing out of a spot a man directly behind us started to back out too. We stopped but didn't have time to get out of the way.  I have also been in a more serious accident where a man came OFF an ON ramp! How do you do that? By being distracted and missing the correct off ramp! We ended up in the ditch, barely missing on-coming traffic and a pole.

Insurance Hunter encourages you to drive safely and keep yourself free from distractions while you are driving. It might not seem like much to send a quick text, or set up your gps, but your family will thank you for being safe on the road!

You can read this fantastic info-graphic on how to Stop Distracted Drivers to find out more. You should also visit Insurance Hunter's blog and website.


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