Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Purses! Cheap Shoedazzle Look-a-likes and more!

Recently I've been searching for bags to add to my Spring/Summer wardrobe. I don't have very many purses right now and they are either brown or black so I need to add some color! Of course I started my search on Shoedazzle but I find that if you don't get the purses you want at the beginning of the month or when new releases come out you'll miss out, so my next stop was Ebay.

The first thing I went on a search for was an Irving/Bedford look-a-like.

There were so many pretty colors it was hard to choose, but I decided on this pretty blue color. Isn't it gorgeous? If I like the bag I will probably buy another color, I really liked the white and pink too! AND it was under $25!

Here's a link to the purse!

I found this one too. I didn't end up buying it, but I love it.

Here's a link to this purse!

The next purse I hunted for was a 'Minden' look-a-like. I didn't even see this purse before it sold out!

 I realize that this purse isn't the exact shape of Minden but I prefer this shape over Minden's and this bag comes in a deep pink color that I just love. This one is under $25 too!

Link is here!

I wanted a purse like Kaplan but I wanted it in a red, like McAllen, without the glossiness. Honestly it wasn't hard to find. Searching "quilted bag" brought up lots of results.

I wanted a good sized bag, and settled on this, which comes in 4 colors, and it was under $15!

Link is here!

Here's a smaller version, with more colors.

I just happened to stumble upon this one. I love the ringed clutches and missed out on the few SD had and at just $18 I couldn't pass it up!

Link here!

This bag isn't usually my style but I bought it to wear with Cognac Gallop and a yellow dress with a green belt. I'll have to wait and see whether or not the outfit will work out but I loved the shade of green. This was $18.

Purse is here!

 I don't have a link for the  brown/white bag and the red clutch. But I do have one for the pink envelope clutch. I love clutches and this clutch comes in a lot of different colors! Link here! Under $10!

If you search "envelope clutch" there are a few different ones that are under $15 and there are a slot of color choices too.

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