Friday, 30 March 2012

I love Wedges! & MORE giveaways!!

In the last year I've become pretty obsessed with wedges. I use to think they were kind of ugly honestly! But that was before I saw what the shoe clubs had to offer... The first wedge I bought from Shoedazzle was Mina in tan, and was actually my second purchase from Shoedazzle. The first wedge I bought from JustFab was Meris, and she was my first order. So here are a few of my FAV wedges, in no particular order ;)
Wasn't even sure about her,
she sold out quick and
I just happened to snag her
a couple weeks later.
LOVE her!!

Yellow Gwen
Not sure what made me order her,
at first glance I didn't really
like her but I'm glad I got her!

Yellow Meris
GORGEOUS! I need the
blue and pink now!
Tan Mina
She took a bit of stalking, I was sent the
cognac instead of Tan, but finally
got the right color!

Orange Mulberry
Bought the tan last summer
I was so excited when they
were re-released, I grabbed
the orange!
Salmon Octavia
What can I say?
I love spikes!!!!

And there you have it! A handful of my favorite wedges! What is YOUR favorite wedge?

P.S. I've decided to do some random facebook giveaways on my page, so make sure you have it 'liked' and watch on the weekends for updates. I'll leave the giveaways open for 3-5hours so people get a chance to see them, they will be simple things like share the status, share the page, comment, etc.

Meris and Marguerite are from JustFab and Octavia, Mulberry, Mina, Penelope and Gwen are from Shoedazzle.


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  2. Amazing shoes<3 Now following

  3. Love the wedges! I want them all now! I belong to Shoedazzle, JustFab, ShoeMint (a little pricey but AWESOME shoes!), Shoe Prive,and Sole Society! I love shoes. I'm also into platforms of any kind. A little less torture on the feet but oh so FAB!

  4. I love how you refer to shoes as "her" haha... I love those Gwen wedges, like legit am in love. xoxo

    Prim and Propah