Friday, 1 June 2012

June 1st Picks

I'll start with Shoedazzle because I'm least excited about them, actually I wasn't excited at all about anything I have found and to be honest I didn't dig very deep either. With my shopping diet and the fact that SD doesn't offer mid-heels I just wasn't interested in searching showrooms.

If I had to choose a couple favs from SD this month I would pick Nidah in Pink and Nectar in white. I was quite surprised to see Carrington was back in more colors, Orange, Yellow, Green, Leopard and Black. The green with the pink sole is really pretty. I also found another signature sole 'mid-heel', Nico, it comes in green, yellow and black.

On to JustFab. I was more excited about looking through JustFab showrooms but still, I am staying strong with my shopping diet! I have already avoided May 1st showrooms AND the Iron Fist releases!

I'm not really impressed with my showroom, but after searching a little bit I found a couple that I love. 

Payson - Escapade

Ahhh... Payson. 'Shoemint' Edith look-a-like. And Escapade?! So. Bad. Ass.

If you haven't signed up for JustFab yet, now is the time! They have a 50% off your first purchase AND BOGO right now for new members. Click Here to sign up!

If you want to sign up for Shoedazzle you can click here to sign up, they have 20% off your first purchase!

What did you like this month?

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  1. I ordered Payson in nude, but I may have to order the purple as well :)