Monday, 4 June 2012

Review - Konvine shoes

Any heel loving lady has to appreciate the mission of Kovine. Fold up flats that fit in your purse, for those times when you just HAVE to change those painful 5" heels! I know I've been there, in the mall shopping for way too long with shoes I really should have thought twice about wearing! Now instead of grabbing the nearest pair of flipflops to buy, I'll have these in my purse just in case!

G.I. Jane Roll-Ups with Skull

Give your feet a break and still look fashionable! They have a lot of cute styles to choose from, I'm sure you will find something you will love! They are comfy and easy to throw on, I've worn them a couple of times when running to pick up my little brother from school too! The kids love them.

The come rolled up in a cute little box and also come with a dustbag.

This is something I would definitely suggest to all my heel loving friends, or the ones who love cute flats!! For the month of June Kovine is offering free shipping!

*I received a pair of roll-up flats in exchange for an honest review. The above opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. What a great idea! I'll have to get some of those too!

  2. I think all of my shoes need to roll up. Sure would make storing them a lot easier ;).

  3. These look like a must-have!!!! My heels always hurt my feet at the end of a night of partying :P

  4. These are so cute! I could totally use these for those long nights out with friends. These would make great gifts too.

  5. Very cute! I love the skulls :)

  6. The shoes is so cute i love the skull detail =) thank you so much for visiting my site. really appreciate it =)