Sunday, 30 September 2012

Nicknames - Blog Ease Blogathon Day 8

My family isn't big on nicknames, but my boyfriend and I have picked up some memorable ones.

My boyfriend, who's real name is Jean-Marc, has been called 'Person' for the past 8 years. When my brother Zac was around 1 or 2 he started to call him 'Homer', as in Homer Simpson, because Person has always been a huge fan. That somehow evolved into 'Person' and the name just stuck, now EVERYONE calls him Person!

As for me, when my oldest cousins were born they called me 'Sega' and my grandfather still calls me that sometimes. My grandfather has also called me 'Sprout' since I was a baby and still calls me Sprout to this day. Lastly, all of my younger cousins, and even Zac at one point have called me 'Caca'. Lovely, isn't it?

My sister Becky was called 'Betta' my our younger cousins, but that's pretty much all for nicknames I can think of!

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  1. That's so cute! When my nephew was younger he used to call me Pon the witch. Caca doesn't sound so bad now does it?