Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pets - Blog Ease Blogathon Day 7

Like a proud parent I am more then happy to share pictures of my babies!
Punk is part Yorkie and part Poodle and a total jerk.

Tokka the Red Eared Slider.
Zero and his doggles!! He has some eye problems.

Lily, she's part Poodle, part Maltese.
Lola! See that couch she's standing on? She completely destroyed the whole living room set and a couple box springs. She was the most destructive dog we have ever had. She would rip all the material off and take the padding out so she could climb in!

Leia is a Chiweenie (part chihuahua, part mini dachshund) and Lola is a Mini Dachshund.

Leia, getting into something of course! She's the youngest and still a baaad puppy.

Spike is a mutt and out oldest dog, he's 7.

Zero is part Husky, part Lab and he's my sister's dog.

Zero and Lily when she was a tiny puppy.

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  1. Oh my goodness your dogs are so beautiful!