Friday, 7 September 2012

Yonanas Review

I am SO excited to tell you about this amazing little machine! 'Yonanas' turns bananas and other fruit into ICE CREAM. No, I am not kidding! It's delicious and 100% fruit, making it way healthier then regular ice cream too! Let me show you how it works:

Take a couple over-ripe bananas and stick them in the freezer until they are nice and frozen. You will want to peel them and cut them in half before freezing them!

Stick 1 banana (or two halves) in the top (shown above) and turn on your machine, using the plunger push the banana down until it comes out looking like this:

Then add your second ingredient, we use frozen strawberries or blueberries:

Then add another banana (or two halves!) and mix it all together and you get this:

It is DELICIOUS and healthy! It contains no milk either so this is definitely an amazing alternative to ice cream or other frozen treats. Everyone in our household is amazed with how good it is and I have used the machine every night since we received it! We went to the store and bought 2 bunches of bananas just to freeze them!

The machine is very easy to clean too, it all comes apart and it can be washed in soapy water or even put in the dishwasher, making cleaning a breeze. I wish we had found Yonanas sooner!

*I received product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. oh wow, would sure try this for my son:)thx for the tips

  2. I want one of these!!!!!! This is too cool! Gotta check this out! Never heard of it.

  3. I am all about healthy eating these days!! LOVE this!

  4. Awesome! And so healthy too! :)