Monday, 28 January 2013

Gift Ideas for Valentines Day!

Did you know Valentines day is only 2 and a half weeks away? So maybe you have started thinking about gifts for your significant other... (or potential significant other.) Let me give you a few ideas!

Okay ladies and gentlemen, this first part is for the lucky lady in your life, let me give you a few suggestions:

  • JustFab - Either buy her a giftcard, or buy her a pair of shoes, (find out her shoe size!) a handbag, or some jewellery! You can't go wrong here!
  • Shoedazzle - Just like above, you can get her a gift card, or buy her something on the site. Girls love shoes and shopping!
  • AdoreMe - Something for after dinner... You could buy her a gift card or pick her out something pretty!
  • Julep - For the nail loving girl! You can buy her a mani/pedi box for just ONE cent! You read that right! Click here, at the top left click 'Become a Maven' complete the short survey and you can get her a gorgeous gift for just 1 cent!

Now some gifts for the gentlemen:

  • - Get cheap razors in your mail every month, you could end up saving hundreds for dollars every month!
  • Monthly Clubs - You can get a tool of the months, BBQ sauce of the month, camping item of the month club and more!
  • Giftcards to buy a game they've been wanting. You can't go wrong with a Playstation Network card or Microsoft Points for the xbox!
  • LootCrate - A monthly subscription box for geeks!! (*I* want this!!)

Leave your suggestions below!


  1. Thanks for the ideas! It's always nice to get a few fresh ones.

  2. I bought some kitchy stuff from the drug store to do a 10 days of Valentines for my husband :) Cute ideas!