Friday, 1 February 2013

Day Zero Project Update

Who's doing the Day Zero Project with me? How are you doing?

I didn't focus as much as I would have liked on some of the goals. I started on a few of the goals that will take the longest, and I also failed on some of the goals I wanted to complete this month! Like the pushups, crunches, and squats challenge. I did them for about 10 days...

Anyways!! Here are the goals I did complete this month:

  • Donate old clothes to Charity - I went through my closet and drawers and donated a bag of clothes I don't wear anymore, or clothes I knew I wouldn't wear.
  • Write 50 things you might not know about me - You can find that post here!
  • Bake 5 Things in 1 day - The recipes I used are coming!!
  • Inspire some to take the Zero Day Challenge - My sister started her list!!
  • Read a book in 1 day.

How are your goals going?

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