Monday, 13 June 2011

Do you like hauls?

Personally, I love watching hauls on youtube. I don't know what it is but I could sit and watch them for hours, depending on the person.

So, I've decided to post my own little haul! I'm sure my format is not going to be the best and maybe next time I will try everything on and post those pictures, but for now here it is! It's just some things I bought online at There were a few other things but I didn't bother taking pictures of them because they didn't fit right so I am sending them back.

I love shopping on the forever21 website for a few different reasons;

-They offer free shipping and that's something that is hard to come by when you are from Canada!
-They are very affordable.
-There is no Forever21 store anywhere near me.
-They have a huge selection!

Anyways! On to what I picked up:

 I picked out this floral print dress because I thought it would look nice with
tan Mina or nude Mulberry. It sits just above the knee and ties in the back.
And it was only $14.50! The picture doesn't show the colors very clearly but it's a tan with floral pattern.
 These khaki shorts have a drawstring that ties in the front which I thought added some cute detail. They were only $11! Plus I don't have many shorts for the summer so I grabbed these. I bought the rust colored shirt with the crotchet detailing on the back to go with Tribal Nattie. (I also bought a yellow v-nack at the same time which was featured in a previous post) The sandals were $8.50, I thought they were simple and cute, something to throw on when taking my brother to his swimming lessons.
In the back here is a peach/gray skirt with pockets on the side, it was only $6 in the clearance section. Lastly I bought a few fun accessories, the glasses and brown braided headband were just $1.50 and the connector ring was $3.80. I love connector rings!

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