Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Waiting for Spring...

Winter is well under way here in Canada. The temperature today is -15, but feels like -25 and it will only get colder. On days like today thoughts of fashion and shoes go out the window and all I'm thinking about is staying warm. Big puffy coats, my heaviest boots and mittens that only sometimes match my hat and coat. I don't care if I look like the abominable snowman, when I'm walking around the Village I gotta keep warm.

Don't get me wrong, I love being outdoors. I love skating, sledding, skiing and I don't even mind shovelling snow, even after the 20th snowstorm! But I can't help counting down the days until Spring begins and watching the weather network for the temperatures to climb back up, so of course I am already thinking about spring outfits.

Here are a few of the many Polyvore sets I've created while lusting after Spring.

I really hate complaining about temperatures because it will get colder, and then in summer it will be too hot! But I miss wearing all my cute clothes, shoes, and boots!

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