Saturday, 17 March 2012

Pink Blazer! (OOTD+Review!)

I received the Pink Blazer I talked about in this post on Friday and I have to say I am VERY pleased! I was worried about the fit because I find when buying clothes on ebay they seem to run small but I ordered a large and the fit is perfect! The pink is so bright and vivid and the material is really soft, almost silky.

It took 15 business days to get to me, which I expected because the item was coming from Hong Kong!

I wore her today with yellow Gwen, black bedford, a plain black tanktop and a pair of straight leg jeans.

Ignore my face... I'm sure it's just something my boyfriend said!

Blazer link here!


  1. Cute! I could NEVER do "OOTD" posts! More like "OOTW" (outfit of the week)! LOL! I'm a lazy bum most days, and my outfits/make up free look would NOT impress anyone! ;) Your outfit looks cute tho! And I <3 Gwen!

  2. looks great on you!!! this is the first time ive ever actually seen what you look like! adorrrrableeee!! and that blazer is FKN amazing!!!!

  3. I am DEFINITELY getting Gwen! So cute. They're on my list. Thanks for dropping by my blog girlie! Followed back!