Wednesday, 14 March 2012


There's no denying the fact that blazers are a hot fashion piece. They come in many colors and can seriously flatter your frame.

The trend has been around for quite some time now but I've only recently picked up a couple, mostly because I wasn't sure I could pull it off and because I wanted to find a good deal, (always a bargain hunter!)

I found my first blazer when Old Navy had their 75% off sale, I found a fitted blazer that fit perfectly for just $11! I really wanted some colorful blazers too but it took me awhile to take the plunge. 

I found this one on ebay for $25, it also comes in blue, orange and black.
Once I know what the fit is like, I'm hoping to grab the blue too!
Link Here!

Comes in green, blue, black, red and white. I'm going to pick up the green
Canada: $29.90 | US $24.90

Here are a few of my outfit ideas for my Blazers, using shoes and purses I own:

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