Monday, 12 March 2012

What comes first, the outfit or the shoe?

When looking through your showrooms on the first of the month (or any time really) do you have an idea of what you will wear with your picks or do you decide/go shopping afterward?

I don't think about outfits until after I buy a shoe, even if there's nothing in my wardrobe I can pair them with. For example... My first two March picks were Orange Mulberry and Salmon Octavia... I really had no idea what I would wear them with but I really needed wanted to add some color to my shoe collection. Maybe I was a little impulsive or maybe I just gave myself an excuse to do a little more shopping! As soon as I bought them I headed over to to get some outfit ideas. Most of the time the outfits I pick are way too expensive so I tend to ignore the prices and pick out an outfit, and then try to find a cheaper version.

Cute right? Not your style? That's okay... Polyvore has thousands of options! Now I have some ideas in mind for what would work... And now I can go shopping!

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  1. Love this look cute.