Sunday, 4 March 2012

Shoedazzle: What did you get on March 1st?

March was filled with A LOT of color!! I was super excited about all the colors, but disappointed with the lack of mid-heels. I don't think there was a single mid-heel released! (Besides the wedges.)

The rumors had been circling about Mulberry being re-released since January and she is finally here! I already have her in tan and she is so comfy! So of course, Mulberry in orange we my first purchase this month, followed by Octavia in salmon. A couple days later I came back for Rose and electric blue Jade. Can you tell I have a thing for spikes? I have 6 spiky shoes now!

I am all about adding color to my wardrobe right now, be it in shoes, purses (click here for some good finds) or clothes. A lot of what I have for shoes/purses right now is pretty neutral, so I really need some pops of color!

I am going to try and let my bank account cool off this month, hopefully March will be light on new releases, but if a pink/green Mulberry is released I will HAVE to snatch it up! I have been thinking about Green Nicci and Pink Drinna but I am trying to hold off!

What did you get on the first, or what have you been eyeing?

*All the shoes are from Shoedazzle! Click here if you need an account ;)


  1. Zwolle, My FIRST purse from ShoeDazzle), and Adelaide.

  2. I didn't go too crazy as I usually do on the first but I purchased Octavia, Cora & Jade! And I had to return Cora because it was too big...