Friday, 20 April 2012

Colored jeans

Another big trend right now... Colored jeans. It has been around for awhile, but it was something that I didn't really 'embrace' at first. I wasn't sure I could rock the look of bright jeans. I picked up a couple standard colors (red and blue) and I really love the boldness.

It's a rainbow of jeans!!

I am a pretty frugal shopper when it comes to clothes. I don't like spending more then $20-$25 on pants. When I was looking for a pair of colored jeans, the first place I looked was Old Navy. I find sometimes old navy is kind of expensive, (again, I like to get a bargain on my clothes) I had looked online previously and their colored jeans were $35 and I wasn't sure I wanted to pay that much, but if you are patient, Old Navy has great sales and coupons all the time. There was a 30% off sale at the time and I found a pair of red jeans in the clearance section, I think I ended up paying about $17!

Anyways, I gathered up a list of colored jeans for the frugal shopper:

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