Monday, 23 April 2012

JustFab - Ursala and Virtusos

My lovely boyfriend "surprised" me with Ursala in turquoise and Virtuoso in blue, both were on my wishlist and I promise I didn't encourage him... Too much ;)

I really need a new camera... I tried several and finally decided the pics on my iphone were the best. None captured the real color, and it's raining outside so using sunlight was out of the question!

Ursala is gorgeous. The blue is deeper then turquoise, in my opinion and the green is deeper then mint, which is what I thought it was. I love the silver toe too. I was worried about the height because I don't like to go above a 4" heel for a few different reasons but these are about 5.5" with a 1" platform, they are pretty comfy, and they fit great! I went up .5 like I usually do in pumps, because I have longer toes.

Virtuoso is almost the perfect match for Ursala. The shoes are a bit darker then the purse but they work well together. I love large clutches!

The only thing that kind of bugs me is when pairing these two the toe on Ursala is silver and the studs on Virtuoso are gold, but I'm willing to overlook that ;)

I LOVE that JustFab's clutches, jewellery and flats are only $25! My clutch collection will be growing steadily ;) You can click here and make an account if you haven't already, your first purchase is 50% off PLUS there's a BOGO section for new members!

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