Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My MAC Favs

I've done my 'Sephora Wants', now I'm going to do my 'MAC Favs'.

Now, I am not someone who wears make up every day, besides my studio fix powder which I do pretty much wear everyday, I wear mascara and all that jazz maybe once a week. However I've come to fall in love with a few products, so here they are:

1. Studio Moisture Fix SPF15. I use this mostly for the SPF for the times when my moisturisers don't have spf in them already.
2. Studio Fix Powder. This is something I use everyday because my skin sometimes gets red and this helps cover that up quickly and easily, and my skin is oily so this helps with that too.
3. Fluidline. I have the brown and the black, I love how easily they go on and stay on.
4. ZoomLash. I know everyone is different with what types of Mascara they like but for me I like this because it goes on very thin and doesn't clump and make my eyelashes too thick.
5. Cream Colour Bases. I have a few of these and I love them under eye shadows or wearing them alone. I use 'Luna' as a highlighter all the time.
6. Paint Pots. These are my weakness when it comes to MAC. I have about 10 of them and like the cream colour bases I like them under eye shadows or wearing alone.
7. Hello Kitty Nail Polish in 'On The Prowl'. I started my MAC collection when the Hello Kitty line came out, unfortunately I was only able to get a few things from that collection before it sold out.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what my MAC favs are... What are yours? I would love some suggestions on what else I should try!


  1. Love MAC :)


  2. I really like MAC :)

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