Sunday, 1 April 2012

What are your April 1st picks?

Let's start with Shoedazzle. Now, I've been having a sort of love/hate relationship with Shoedazzle for awhile now. The lack of mid-heels, the return costs for Canadians or Alaska/Hawaii (I totally understand that is not Shoedazzle's fault and I am used to it by now with all my online shopping) but most importantly the ridiculous customs charges I've been getting this year. (Again, not Shoedazzle's fault, but when you are being charged $15-$20 every second shoe, it sucks!).

Let's move on to what's really important... April's showroom/new shoes! I'll start with what was actually in my showroom... The only 'new' shoe was Lattice, not my style. Okay, that's fine... I know that happens sometimes. Let's dig a little further. Checking out my 'see more shoes' option, Tillie is back in white, black, brown multi and orange multi, really cute and I did want her when she had her debut last year. There are several new wedges, RosemarieAislinMalisaArebella and Wilder. There are some pretty awesome patterns, the only one I'm putting on my wishlist is the White Wilder.

Something that was announced late last month and I am sure more then a few girls were excited about... The Classic Heights collection! This is something a lot of ladies have been asking for. I clicked over to that tab, hoping to see a couple new options... Nope. Okay, maybe I should cut them some slack... Malika and Patti were late March releases... But they are both well over 4inches and last time I checked that wasn't a mid-heel. The other shoes in the collection are not 'new' maybe new to some but I've seen them all before, like Kyna who has a different name but is a re-release... And she's 5inches! Mid-heel!?

Well, as you can see with my little rant I am not very excited with SD this month, but I do have a couple that I liked. How funky is Bouncy?! And a t-strap Ciji named Chelle? I need her in red!

Alright alright, I'm done picking on SD... Let's move on to JustFab... My new love?

As you probably know the elite showrooms were out yesterday, so I was able to pick out what I wanted yesterday and I'm glad I did because I didn't really like anything in my showroom... But of the things I did find, I liked: Ursala, Juanita, and Donielle for shoes and for my first 'shoe club' jewelry purchase I will be getting 'Rings of Fire' since all jewelry is $25 with a purchase!

I can't really comment on what's 'new' and what's not because it still all looks new to me since I've only been a member for less then a month.

I really like the fact that JustFab ships everything all at once, and in one box. That saves a lot on shipping charges!! Also I'm hoping to get hit by customs less because it's coming into Canada at a different spot then it does with Shoedazzle. Plus... The fact that flats and now jewelry is just $25 with a purchase is AWESOME! I could never justify buying a jewelry set for $50, or a pair of flats. (except if they are spiky...)

If you aren't a member of Shoedazzle yet, here's a link that will get you 20% off your first purchase. Shipping and returns are FREE if you are in the U.S.! And ALL items are just 39.95!

If you aren't a member of JustFab, here's a link that will get you 50% off! they also have a BOGO section for new members and ALL item's are 39.95!


  1. I only ordered a bag (Daiquiri't impressed w/any of the shoes! :(

    Tillie.....she's a Louboutin look alike (! Snatch her up if you like her!

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  3. I love Aneesa from JustFabulous. The color is gorgeous!


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  5. I'm usually devoted to Shoedazzle but I wasn't impressed this month... I'm looking forward to a couple of the mid-month releases, but besides that it was just blah. I've been a member of JustFab for about as long as I have with Shoedazzle and I only own two pairs of shoes from them... I guess not really my style usually but recently I have been finding a lot more that I like!


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