Friday, 19 October 2012

My Fall Must Haves!

Fall Must Haves

I haven't done a post like this in a LONG time. Since way before the 'Shopping Diet'! It's finally boot and sweater weather! I thought I would post my 'Fall Must Haves', these are the items that are on the top of my wishlist, I will be watching for good deals on similar items!

  • First, cap toe shoes! These are huge right now and I have definitely fallen in love with the look!
  • Clutches are always on my list. They aren't technically a fall 'must have' but I LOVE clutches and I'm always looking for fun ones!
  • Skinny jeans or pants - they are a must have for one big reason: boots! 
  • Boots - of course! I waited all summer to be able to wear boots again!
  • Chunky, warm sweaters. This goes without saying, you need to keep warm and look fashionable ;)
Let me know what YOUR fall must haves are!

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  1. I love chunky sweaters! They definitely do keep you warm!