Thursday, 17 January 2013

How would you save the world? #nablopomo

NaBloPoMo January 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013
How would you start saving the world if you woke up tomorrow with superhuman powers?

I feel like that would be so difficult. I would have all these powers and no way to help everyone all the time. I think superpowers would be more responsibility then I could bear. For example, how would I figure out which problems would have priority? How do I determine WHO needs my help the most? What if I chose to help one person/community and in doing so something horrible happens to a community I neglected?

One thing I can say for sure though is that I wouldn't only use my powers to save the world. I would help influence others to do their part in saving the world! I would hope that other people would look up to me and they would in turn want to do their part to help save their communities and the world.

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