Sunday, 20 January 2013

Shoe cushions make your feet feel heavenly!

I think I have been pretty clear about my love for shoes. I can't even count the number of posts I have done in the last year that revolve solely (pun intended!!) around shoes! Every month I browse through the new selections of shoes on line and treat myself to a couple pairs. But what happens when I get a pair that is a little too big, or too uncomfortable? I really hate having to send back a gorgeous pair of shoes. (especially when I need to pay for return shipping!)

need an insert?

I have tried several different brands of shoe cushions to help ease the pain in a pair of heels that are just a bit too high. You can even get a snugger fit if you happen to have bought a size that's a bit too big. Most of the time I need a ball of the foot cushion and it will make a shoe ten times for comfy!

You can get shoe cushions in a bunch of different styles to help you customize the fit of your shoe. There are full shoe inserts, arch inserts, ball of foot inserts, heel inserts, and much more. With the proper inserts you can make your cutest pair of heels comfy, and prevent blisters too!

*This is a sponsored post, written by me on behalf of FootPetal. All opinions are 100% my own.*

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