Thursday, 1 November 2012

NaNoWriMo has Begun!!

Finally! It's the 1st of November, and time to start writing! I need to write at least 1,667 words a day to make the 50,000 word deadline by November 30th, however using my desk calender I set a more ambitious word goal and hoping to get my 50,000 words by November 28th! I'm hoping I will be able to get a good chunk written today to give me a good head start.

On top of my desk calender I have pages and pages of notes, plot lines, character ideas and lots more. I've tried to write down a major idea every 2500-5000 words so I have lots of ideas! I hope you follow along with me on my Journey to 50,000 words!

I also have caffeine, lots and lots of caffeine!

I am still looking for Sponsors who would like to donate to The Office of Letters and Light, you can check that out HERE! It's a perfect way to help out a great cause and get some publicity for your business! Any little bit helps and is so appreciated, all funds go directly to the organization!

I hope you follow along with me on my Journey to 50,000 words!

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  1. Caffeine and quiet will get you far in life. I think that;s a proverb o some sort ;) Good luck!

  2. Oh WOW!!! That is alot of words a day!!! I know you can do it though :)

  3. Good Luck! Keep the cup full... :)

  4. Good Luck!! & I'll definitely be following along!


  5. Awesome! Some days that doesn't seem like a lot of words, but some days it's a lot! Good luck! I'm looking forward to reading more posts!

  6. Interesting!! That is a big challenge - Good Luck!