Tuesday, 10 April 2012

How do you like to shop?

Almost every store has an online website where you can buy from, making shopping as easy as clicking a button. But what do you prefer, in store or online shopping?
Personally I prefer online shopping, mostly because the nearest decent mall is about a 40minute drive, and since I don't drive personally I have to rely on someone taking me shopping. I am the only one in my family who loves to shop so this leaves me with shopping online. But let's look at some of the pros and cons of each.
Online Pros:
  • No crowds! No crowds means no standing in line waiting! Or having someone breathing down your neck while you are browsing through shirts they are waiting to look at.
  • Sit in the comfort of your own home while shopping. You can get into your fav pjs with a blanket and a cup of coffee (or wine) and away you go!
  • Ebates! Earn Cash back for shopping online, how cool is that?
  • A lot of stores that are exclusively online or stores that have huge inventories online have large clearance sections, or better yet sales, and frequently! Online Cons:
  • You can't really try things on, unless you know what your size is and the clothes/shoes you are buying are true to size you take a risk in having to return them. Which is fine if the site has a free return policy but if they don't have a good return policy, you might have a hard time returning things.
  • Customer service. If the website has bad customer service, you might run into some problems. I have heard horror storis of people trying to return things that were defective or they received by accident.
  • Colors are different depending on lighting/computer screens. What I mean by that is you might see something white online and and in reality it's grey.

    Instore Pros:
  • You can try things on, of course. As I said above, since you can try it on, you can ensure that it not only fits but that you like it looks good on your body.
  • What you see is what you get. If something has a snag/scuff/imperfection, you wouldn't buy it.
  • Different selection of items then available online. Some stores have 'in store exclusive items'.
  • Sales and Clearance racks might be different that what is online.
  • Some stores don't have online stores. (H&M for example.) Instore Cons:
  • Crowds. This is a biggie for me, as stated above. I hate crowded areas, not to mention rude people. Why do people have to stand right in the middle of a crowded mall and have a chat?!
  • Rude employees. Ever have someone just follow you around, making sure you aren't stealing? Or scoffing at you, thinking you won't actually be buying anything? I understand they are trying to protect themselves but it is annoying.
  • Travel time. Might not be a big deal for some.
  • Sometimes I have a hard time finding things in my size. I find that usually the small sizes are what's left on in store racks.

    And there you have it! My pros/cons lists for both instore and online shopping. But what is your favaorite method of shopping? And where are your fav places to shop, both instore and online? Here's a list of a few stores I love to shop at online:
  • Shoedazzle Offers a great selections of shoes, purses, jewellery and soon CLOTHES! I'm really excited about the clothes!
  • JustFab Another site with a great selection of shoes, purses and jewellery and right now they do have clothes in the Abbey Dawn collection.
  • OldNavy, Forever21, Gap, all have great online selctions.
  • DON'T FORGET to sign up with Ebates! and earch cash back when shopping online!!!


    1. Another online pro : buying abroad. We don't have Victoria's secrets in Europe so the internet is quite good!!!

    2. Hey girl, I always look at clearance and I also see a lot of deals online that are not in store and vise versa. New follower from http://foreverateenonline.blogspot.com

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    4. I prefer to buy clothes in the stores, because I always need to try it on. For shoes i like Shoedazzle, and Justfab, I try to make sure that I will not find the shoe anywhere else before I purchase from them though.

    5. Thanks for stopping by Single Mom Inspirations. Now following you back! Love this post! I completely agree as to the all the pros of shopping online! The only thing I don't shop for online is dress pants and dresses. I need to try them on in the store unless I am shopping from the same company and know that are going to fit right!. Looking forward to reading more!

      Happy Wednesday!


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